Common Symptoms for Squamous cell cancer

Symptoms of squamous cell cancer can appear on any person who has exposed their skin to the hot skin for a longer period of time during the day. The sun-exposed skin gets affected and it results in the squamous cell cancer. This type of skin cancer is most common in whitish people as their skin can easily be affected to rashes and other forms of symptoms. Identifying the cancer in the early stage is difficult, yet, the symptoms can reveal out the truth if a person has been affected by squamous cell cancer or not. The cancer can occur on anywhere in the body. Even the mouth part and the anus, genitals can be affected by the cancer with a growth in tumour around them. The signs and symptoms might sound common to everyone, yet, it is the only way to identify the starting stage of the attack. Proper treatment during the starting stage can avoid the risk of developing cancer in a person.

squamous cancer

Common symptoms

A flat sore is said to appear with scaly crust. Red rashes can be found on the parts that have been exposed to direct sun for a longer period of time. The areas that had a scar in the past is said to create a new sore around them. This scar part experiences a raised level of skin than the other parts of the body. Open sore develops when around and scaly patch is found to be present on the lip. Red sore and rough patch can arise inside the mouth. The genitals can even be affected during the starting stages. A red and raised patch of sore can be found upon the anus part of a person. The genitals can even carry a sore on them. The tumour on the private parts are mostly found to be sore than the other parts. The patches can appear in a raised position when compared to the other parts of the infection. Bumps inside the mouth can be irritable at times. The bumps do not pain and they do not bleed too. The DNA level inside a person gets low when they are said to expose their skin to the hot sun mostly during the midday. Fairer skin people easily get these symptoms and it might be there for a longer period of time with them. Although these symptoms can be found on other people, fair people have the whitish skin that brings in harm even when a small amount of sun has been exposed on to them. Patients who have been treated using radiotherapy treatments in the past can experience squamous cell cancer as the rays have the ability to damage the skin part of them. Smoking and drinking people have all the symptoms on them as the drug content can kill the hormonal level of a person. People who have been addicted to drugs for a longer period of time have the tendency to arise squamous cell cancer in any part of their body.

Know more about squamous cell cancer

Squamous cell cancer is a type of skin cancer that involves malignancy and proliferation of squamous cells. Now this squamous cell is the most common or abundant cell in our skin epidermis. Most squamous cell skin cancers can be treated at an early stage and they can be removed or destroyed by using local treatment methods. This skin cancer is the second most common skin cancer found among people. It almost affects 200,000 Americans each year.

squamous cell cancer

Some causes of squamous cell cancer

Squamous skin cancer can occur due to a number of causes. We have pointed out some common causes here:

  • ·         People who are light-skinned and they get excessive sun exposure
  • People who are excessively exposed to radiations or X-rays
  • People who are excessively exposed to tars, soot, industrial oils(some types)

All those people who fit into any of these categories mentioned above are at more risks of getting infected by squamous cell cancer. Squamous cell skin cancer is described as bumps that grow on the skin and it contains scaly, reddish surface. Those non healing wounds are another common type of characteristics for this type of cancer. The neck, arms, face, and ears are the most common areas where tumours can develop. If you catch them at early stages then they can be treated. So as soon as you get any indication, get in touch with your physician without wasting any time.

Treating squamous cell cancer

In some rare cases, this skin cancer can also spread to lymph nodes or to some distant sites. Squamous cell cancer can be treated through various ways.

  • Simple Excision- This means cutting out the tumour along with a small margin of normal skin. This method is often used to treat squamous cell carcinomas.
  • Curettage and electrodesiccation- This process is sometimes useful for treating small squamous cell carcinomas, almost less than 1 centimetre, but it is not recommended by doctors for large tumours.
  • Radiation Therapy- This treatment is good for patients who have large tumours. This is especially in those areas where surgery is difficult like eyelids, nose, or ears or for those patients who may not be able to tolerate surgery. This method is used as an initial treatment for younger patients. Sometimes radiations are used after surgery especially when all of the cancer is not removed during the surgery. Radiation is also used when cancer relapses after surgery in the body and it becomes too large or it is situated deep inside and not possible to be removed surgically.
  • Mohs Surgery- This treatment has the highest cure rate and it is useful for squamous cell cancer which is larger than 2 cm or tumours that have come back after other treatments or the cancer is spreading along the nerves under the skin and also for those cancers which has occurred in certain areas of the face or genital areas.

Therefore these are some treatments that are used nowadays commonly for these types of cancers. Squamous cell cancer is not dangerous if treated on right time and with proper medication.